Gorgun Taner – Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation – General Manager

First studying university in Ankara, I moved on my education in History Department of Boğaziçi University. I have learnt that a university not only means that a life is not full of courses but also gives the insight that it shapes your after university life and the dimension of your story. Courses taught in universty and marks are a piece of this story but learning, investigating, responsibility of developing yourself are also taught in the university as well and they have as much importance as marks and courses.

I have learnt many different disciplines in learning a notion as history in Boğaziçi University with very world spread teachers and I am very much sure that students in this university are aware of how much they gain responsibility and best practices in this school helping developing their personalities in terms of knowledge and respect. The education that i have taken here has left lasting impressions in my life. I took a step further in İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts as guide and things that i have learnt in Boğaziçi University has shaped my life and I hope each an every student of this marvelous university finds their way to their life.

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