Osman Dinçbaş – CEO of Ernst & Young Turkey

I remember the time that in 1982 fall term, at the celebration of the new academic year. Since its establishment, this club became one of the most popular student clubs in the school. Our meetings in ou school with our members included brainstorming moments that we created ideas and later we had chances to carry out this ideas.

For example, the first Tea ‘n’ Talk activity had a huge success that two economics professors had a discussion session about the financial and economical politics of Turkey. Second Tea ‘n’ Talk hosted Uğur Dündar, the famous anchorman and successful reporter. The huge number of increase in our members was a results of it.

With its activities this club has been considered as if it’s were its own club by faculty of administrative sciences and all members. We organized countless firm visits, meetings, trips and discussion platforms. This club was the second home for the most of us.

Later, we graduated; we left our club to new generation.

After all these years, I met the executive board member of the club. They haven’t born when we have had those activities!

This club became a symbol and a milestone of this campus. I wish all the best luck with their activities.


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