Marketing Will Seduce You!

Be prepared! You are going to get seduced by marketing very soon… Brandmarker is preparing for its 15th year!

Last year Brandmarker focused on the subjects of Loyalty Marketing, Online Marketing, Convergence Marketing and Neuro Marketing. Brandmarker also hosted a Futurist Panel.  Dr. David Lewis Hodgson, Henrik Zadig, Mustafa İcil, Roman Weishaupl, Eser Borak, Anna Ketting, Oliver Barth, Ozlem Engin and Duncan Smith were some of Brandmarker’s speakers. Unilever, Air France, Sony, Mindlab International, Futurists Assosiation, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Krispy Kreme were some of Brandmarker’s sponsors. On its 14th year, Brandmarker International Marketing Communication Student Congress was the most irresitible student event with its supportive sponsors, highly qualified participants and of course precious speakers.

On its 15th year, Brandmarker’s main focus will be on “social” with the sponsorship of Unilever. This year’s detailed program will be announced later but very roughly participants will have a chance to learn more about brand’s strategies on social brands, social games and social channels. On the last day of congress the attention will be moved to sustainability. For its 15th year there will also be a special case competition sponsored by Unilever.

Don’t make plans for the third week of June and have a chance to be part of this awesome congress!


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