Roman Rackwitz & “Creating Engagement – Achieving Fulfillment”

Before starting as an entrepreneur I studied ‘International Businenss Administration’ at the Euro Business College in Munich and worked at a development-aid company from 2008 to 2009 that builds hospitals and orphanages in the DR Kongo.

August 2009 I started my first company as a service supplier for private universities. This was also the beginning of looking at the subject of engagement respectively human behavior because we were stunned by the lack of motivation and engagement of students.

So in the middle of 2010 we started Engaginglab that works on merging the potential of games to fascinate and engage us with real world activities. Here we are providing research and development of B2B & B2C solutions and also for the internal use of Gamification to the employee’s advantage.

At the beginning of 2012 we started an Engaginglab Spin-Off that brings Gamification to team-sports by combining Big Data with Gamification.

In July, 2011 we won the first international Gamification contest that was covered by Gamify, Mashable and SETI (a NASA branch).

Just click for teaser video: Roman Rackwitz / Brandmarker

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