Harvard College in Asia Programme has established in 2003 to foster interest of Asian people to Harvard Students because of the reason there is a lot of people from Asia studying in Harvard.

Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club is partner with Harvard University from 2009. First panel was on the subject of Social Entrepreneurship in 2009. First leg of the activiy was held in Boston, MA in January 2010 and second leg was in İstanbul in March 2010. Last year it also began in January in Boston and continued in İstanbul in March. The subject was Healthcare Systems.  In both of the conferences, the subjects were elaborated and participant students gained more about the topics.

This year conference topic is Technological and Social Justice. And again first leg will be on January 2012 and second leg is going to be in March.

The schedule of the conference will be announced from here.

You can have further information so please visit; www.harvardcollegeinasia.org

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