Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club established in 1953 as the name of “ İş İdaresi ve Talabe Cemiyeti” and the name was converted into “İşletme ve Ekonomi Kulübü” in 1990.

Management and Economics Club hosts plenty of organizations for many years. Dinamik which was formerly an art magazine has changed its formation into a campus newspaper and Brandmarker has been gathering many foreign and local students with the most successfull keynote speakers in the realm of marketing. And it covers newly trend topics for each particular year. In addition to these topics, Management and Economics Club has been hosting İstanbul resided students in Economics Summit for 7 years.

Management and Economics Club has become pioneer for many different events and unions. In Turkey, a student club organized P&R Days for the first time in 1990 and up to this date this student club manages the whole university’s career days. And for the first time a student club’s history, Foreline which is a magazine covering the topics linked to business world and career published. Management and Economics Club is also co-founder of the Union of Management and Economics Club in Turkey.

Apart from that, alumni of Management and Economics Club leads national and multinational companies in Turkey in any sense, from trade to public, from export to import.

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