Our club’s press sub-committee has been publishing the only campus news source,
Dinamik, for 25 years. However, Dinamik has started its journey as a magazine.
As the publication gained experience throughout the years, its transformation to
a newspaper was decided and Dinamik is being published as a newspaper since 2010.

The sub-committee publishes Dinamik as 3 issues and 2 supplements a year.
Nevertheless, a web site, www.dinamikgazete.com, is also being updated
regularly to keep up with the campus life. The web site contains student
views about campus happenings and polls in order to fulfill its duty as
the only campus newspaper. Moreover; interviews, columns written by students
and news about all the club activities in campus can be found as well. 

Dinamik is being distributed not only in campus but also in popular student
hangouts free of charge, thus reaches more readers than its calculated circulation.
Our press team is active in social media too. Dinamik has followers over 2K in Twitter
and Facebook which continue to increase day by day. 

The Press Sub-Committee organizes a media panel that aims to bring together students
and significant names from the media such as journalists, anchors etc. Our first panel
was held last spring with the theme of Mechanisms of Repression and Censorship in the Media.
The panel was moderated by Gökmen Karadağ and the speakers were Enver Aysever, Şirin Payzın,
Hayko Bağdat and Orhan Gökdemir. To celebrate Dinamik’s 25th anniversary, we plan to organize
the media panel with utmost joy and dynamism. Hopefully, this year it will be an event that will
last a couple of days and introduce the students with new points of views. 

In our once-a-week meetings, we discuss the agenda and give workshops 
about journalism given by experienced journalists. 
The day of the meeting is announced at the beginning of the term.

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